Brighter Georgia


There is consensus among Governor Nathan Deal, leaders of both houses of the Georgia legislature, the three dissenting Georgia Supreme Court justices, attorneys specializing in constitutional law, Georgia education experts, and the State’s Attorney General that the only real remedy to the Supreme Court’s decision is a constitutional amendment.

After working with many organizations, legal scholars, and elected officials, members of the Georgia House of Representatives introduced a constitutional amendment, House Resolution 1162.

HR 1162 is necessary to protect and support public charter schools as quality educational options for Georgia’s students. Georgia must pass a constitutional amendment so that the state can authorize charter schools and protect the longstanding practice that public education is a shared effort by state and local entities.

HR 1162 is a proposed constitutional amendment to support the state’s role in public education and honor the public’s longstanding understating of the Georgia Constitution. It is also designed to allow the General Assembly to create an alternate charter school authorizer, similar to the Georgia Charter School Commission, if it so chooses.

Amendment Process

The Georgia legislative session takes place January through April 2012. To pass a constitutional amendment like HR 1162, the Georgia House and Senate must both approve the resolution by a two-thirds majority. After it passes the legislature, the amendment question is placed on the next general election ballot, which will be in November 2012.

All registered Georgians will have the opportunity to vote “Yes” or “No” on the amendment. The amendment passes if a simple majority votes “Yes.”