Brighter Georgia


The nonpartisan Brighter Georgia Education Coalition* exists to protect and support public charter schools as quality educational options for Georgia’s students. The future of many Georgia charter schools is threatened by the 2011 Georgia Supreme Court ruling that the state cannot authorize public charter schools because local boards of education have the “exclusive right to establish and maintain” K-12 public education. Georgia must pass a constitutional amendment so that the state can authorize charter schools and protect the longstanding practice that public education is a shared effort by state and local entities.

Historically, the state has played a large role in public education through enactment of a variety of laws, oversight of local school districts, funding in great amounts, and development of practices and policies. Other state laws that impact public education could also be subject to litigation based on the court’s decision. While it is uncertain how far other courts might extend the decision, it is clear that uncertainty will persist and the potential for future litigation is apparent unless the issue is resolved by a constitutional amendment.

Read more about the problem created by the court’s decision, the impact on thousands of Georgia’s students, and the solution to protect quality educational options for all of Georgia’s students.

*Any lobbying or legislative activity associated with the Brighter Georgia Education Coalition and/or its member organizations is conducted with funds specifically designated for that use or by 501(c)(4) members of the Coalition.